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Watch ServiceDateServiceSpeakerSermon TitleText Verse
Watch Now9/19/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"Paul Before the Sanhedrin"Acts 23:1
Watch Now9/19/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"The Long Arm of the Law"Romans 2:12, 3:19-20
Watch Now9/19/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"The Lone Saviour"Rev. 19:11-16
Watch Now9/15/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"Paul Gives His Testimony to the Jews"Acts 22:1-30
Watch Now9/12/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"Little is much when God is in it"Zechariah 4:10
Watch Now9/12/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"We need to Remember"2 Peter 1:12,13
Watch Now9/8/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"Paul is Arrested at Jerusalem"Acts 21:1-40
Watch Now9/5/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"A Benefit Package That is out of This World"Psalms 103:1
Watch Now9/5/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"Choose Life"Deuteronomy 30:15
Watch Now9/1/21WednesdayBro. Benjamin Broyles"The Little Maid"II Kings 5: 1-3
Watch Now8/29/21Sunday PMBro. John Jones"The Need for a Light"Acts 16:6-11
Watch Now8/29/21Sunday AMBro. Robert Brown"Ye Have Not Passed This Way Heretofore"Joshua 3:1-17
Watch Now8/25/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"Paul's Farewell Message to the Ephesian Elders"Acts 20:1-38
Watch Now8/22/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"The Names on the Heart of the Priest"Hebrews 2:17
Watch Now8/22/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"keep your Eyes On Jesus"Matthew 14:22-33
Watch Now8/18/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"The Power of the Holy Ghost on Display"Acts 19: 1
Watch Now8/15/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"We Can Have as Much as We Want"John 6: 1-11
Watch Now8/15/21Sunday AM Pastor Sam Epley"It's All Good"Genesis 1: 1-21
Watch Now8/11/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"Paul is Reassured"Acts 18: 1
Watch Now8/8/21Sunday PMBro. Jimmy Moize"Satan's Attack on The Home"Genesis 3: 1-8
Watch Now8/8/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"America's Most Wanted"Genesis 18
Watch Now8/4/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"Paul Preaches at Mars' Hill"Acts 17: 1
Watch Now8/1/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"The Greatest Ability"Judges 10: 1,2
Watch Now8/1/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"God's Truth in the Clouds"Psalm 57: 1-11
Watch Now7/28/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"From Suicide to Salvation"Acts 16: 1
Watch Now7/25/21Sunday PMBro. John Jones"Protect Your Life"Philippians 4: 6-9
Watch Now7/18/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"The Man That Got God's Attention"Genesis 6: 1-8
Watch Now7/18/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"Why do Christians Suffer"1 Peter 4:12
Watch Now7/11/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"Shut the Gates"Ezekiel 44:1-3
Watch Now7/11/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"Prepare To Meet Thy God"Amos 4:12
Watch Now7/7/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"A Cripple Healed, A Preacher Nearly Killed"Acts 14:1
Watch Now7/4/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"America Needs God"Psalms 33:1-12
Watch Now6/30/21WednesdayBro. Bart Walker"Heaven, O What A Place"Revelation 4:1-8
Watch Now6/27/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"The Joy of Jabez"1 Chronicles 4:9-10
Watch Now6/27/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"He Will Leave the Light on For You"Nehemiah 9:1-19
Watch Now6/23/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"Paul's Message at Antioch"Acts 13:1
Watch Now6/20/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"I Saw Daddy Do It"1 John 3:1
Watch Now6/20/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"A Lost Son and a Loving Father"Luke 15:11-24
Watch Now6/13/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"The Value of Children"Matthew 18: 1-14
Watch Now6/13/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"Why God Destroyed Sodom"Ezekiel 16: 49-50
Watch Now6/9/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"God Delivers Peter"Acts 12:1
Watch Now6/6/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"Forgiveness"Matthew 6: 9-15
Watch Now6/6/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"A Man that is Called Jesus"John 9: 1-11
Watch Now6/2/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"The Title Christian is Given"Acts 11:1
Watch Now5/30/21Sunday PMMemorial Day
Special Service
Watch Now5/30/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"Red, White, and Blue"1 Peter 1:15-19
Watch Now5/26/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"Salvation Comes to the Gentiles"Acts 10:1
Watch Now5/25/21TuesdayBro. Randy Sutherland"This Crown of Thorns"Matthew 27:29-31
Watch Now5/24/21MondayBro. Loyd Warren"And They Came Every One Whose Heart Stirred Him Up"Exodus 35:21
Watch Now5/23/21Sunday PMBro. Eddie Killian"Man's Condition God's Cure"Romans 6:23
Watch Now5/23/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"A Desire for Revival"Habakkuk 3:1-2
Watch Now5/19/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"The Call of Paul"Acts 9:1
Watch Now5/16/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"Down But Not Out"2 Corinthians 4:1-10
Watch Now5/16/21Sunday AMBro. John Jones"Spreading the Good News"Acts 13:14-16
Watch Now5/12/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"The Ministry of Philip"Acts 8:1-40
Watch Now5/9/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"Repair the Altar"I Kings 18
Watch Now5/9/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"The Power of a Godly Mother"Exodus 2:1-10
Watch Now5/5/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"The First Martyr"Acts 7:1-60
Watch Now5/2/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"A Blessing in Disguise"Deuteronomy 23:3-5
Watch Now5/2/21Sunday AMBro. Frank Copeland"Salvation of Abraham"Romans 3:20-4:8
Watch Now4/28/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"The Servant is Attacked"Acts 6: 8-15
Watch Now4/25/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"The Greatest Day of a Christian's Life"Hebrews 8:7-11
Watch Now4/25/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"Whose Side Are You On"Exodus 32:15-26
Watch Now4/21/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"The Need for Laborer's Arise"Acts 6: 1-7
Watch Now4/18/21Sunday AM Pastor Sam Epley"It's All in How You Look at It"Exodus 13:21-22
Watch Now4/14/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"A Miraculous Deliverance"Acts 5:17-42
Watch Now4/11/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"One Big Happy Planet"Romans 8:18-22
Watch Now4/11/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"An Alien Invasion"Ephesians 2:1-13
Watch Now4/7/21WednesdayPastor Sam Epley"The Devil Shows Up"Acts 5: 1-16
Watch Now4/4/21Sunday PMEvangelist Kurt Copeland"Where is Jesus"Matthew 28: 1-6
Watch Now4/4/21Sunday AMPastor Sam Epley"Three Gardens in the Bible"Genesis 2: 7-8
Watch Now3/28/21Sunday PMPastor Sam Epley"You are Being Followed"Psalm 23:6